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Banners bring in revenue and make ideas come true.
With a banner specially tailored for your business you can make a statement and have a quality appearance in advertisements all over the Internet. A banner is the first thing your potential customers and clients will encounter and helps them form an opinion about the product or service you offer. No wonder why a banner must be a professional way to contact the people interested.
As soon as your banner is ready, all you have to do is advertise your business and product(s). A well-designed online ad is the perfect tool to draw the attention of potential customers. If you have connections with show-jumping or any other equestrian discipline, this is the right place to advertise your product or service. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you are in need of the right advertising campaign.

Banner prices

HTML5 image

14900 Ft
  • + Vat
  • Image editing from own material
  • 1100 x 320 pixel 

HTML5 animated

29900 Ft
  • + VAT
  • Wallpaper and animated information from own material
  • 1100 x 320 pixel 

HTML5 video

24900 Ft
  • + VAT
  • HTML5 video from own material
  • 1100 x 320 pixel 

HTML5 video animated

39900 Ft
  • + VAT
  • HTML5 video with animated information
  • 1100 x 320 pixel 


9900 Ft
  • + VAT /mutation
  • mutations
  • 1100 x 320 pixel